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- What's  The  Value  in  Learning  About  This? -

 Ever heard someone say "I wish I Would have invested 
google way back when?" Crypto and blockchain tech are still   in relative infancy so learning about them now is the best way   to ensure that you don't miss out on opportunities this time   around. 

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- Who Should Use Cream City Crypto? -

 literally anyone who wants to learn about cryptocurrency! 
we tailor each experience in a way that will make sense to you 
to make understanding any topic really pretty easy.

Contact us for group rates / speaking opportunities 

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- How long have you been in crypto? -

 We've spent several thousands of hours researching and participating 
in the crypto space - buying, selling, trading, staking, minting nfts...
if it's out there, we've likely tried or researched it. 

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- do you own any crypto? -

 Yep. We own Bitcoin, Ether, Cardano (Ada), Chainlink, Polkadot, decentraland (mana), Sia Coin, Ocean Protocol, Loopring, Polygon (Matic), unibright, and solana.

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- Are you a financial advisor? -

 Nope. We don't provide financial advice. 
Everything we share is for educational purposes. 

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- Have other questions? -