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We're up, running, and ready to help people make sense of an industry that has the potential to impact our lives of the next 20 years as much as the internet has had in the last 20.

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Cream City Crypto Is Live!

New Company Makes Understanding Crypto Easier Through One-On-One Conversations

Cream City Crypto brings clarity to the often misunderstood, $2.6 trillion dollar cryptocurrency market

MILWAUKEE -- Cream City Crypto, a Milwaukee-based digital asset consultancy, launched today. The company provides general education about crypto and blockchain technology through one-on-one video calls, provided in 30 and 60 minute increments.

“We provide people with a laidback, judgement-free environment to learn crypto and blockchain basics,” said Cream City Crypto Founder, Marko Knezic. “It’s not our goal to get people to buy crypto, we’re here to help people better understand the potential of the tech and how it works.”

Why You Should Care About Bitcoin, Blockchain, And Crypto The idea of digital money isn’t new. Credit card terminals have been used since 1979 and digital peer-to-peer payment services like Venmo are commonplace today. But Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies aren’t just digital money. Cryptos are different from other digital currencies because they are built on decentralized blockchain networks, which eliminate the need for third-party intermediaries like banks and credit card companies to facilitate transactions.

And blockchains are capable of more than moving and tracking money from one place to another. They are immutable, public ledgers that can be used to create and authenticate digital versions of everything from art, to identification, to voting ballots. “Think about how the internet has changed our lives in the past 30 years and how you may have benefited from knowing more about how it worked before everyone was connected twenty-four-seven,” Knezic said. “Bitcoin has only been around for about 12 years, roughly the equivalent of where the internet was in 2004, three years before the first iPhone was released.”

A Trustworthy Source Of Reliable Information For Everyone All one-on-one consultations are facilitated by Knezic, who has conducted over 1,000 hours of cryptocurrency research, been Marketing Director for two California-based fintech startups and is an active member of Milwaukee’s tech community.

“I’ve worked in tech and public relations for over 10 years and those experiences are cornerstones of Cream City Crypto,” said Knezic. “My entire career has been built by explaining complex topics to people in ways that are easy to understand.”


Cream City Crypto teaches crypto basics through one-on-one video calls, sold in 30 and 60 minute increments for $75 and $135, respectively.

Four hour bundles are also available for $235. Consultations are scheduled at a time of the customer’s choosing and booked at the company website:


About Cream City Crypto Cream City Crypto is a Milwaukee-based digital consultancy that teaches people about the fundamentals and potential of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and digital assets.